On June 28, in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, we held the final event of the School of Social Entrepreneurship – Pitch Day.

The School of Social Entrepreneurship is a training program implemented by the Social Change Platform in cooperation with the NGO Zahidni. We gathered 30 representatives of NGOs, social enterprises, and initiative groups from Khmelnytskyi region to help them improve their skills in social entrepreneurship, business planning, and project management.

The final event of the School was held on the International Day of Social Business. Graduates presented their projects, demonstrating how social business can be a driving force for community development and social problem solving. This is how new alumni joined our community. Some of them will also receive support to develop their projects, namely:

  • The Katran Business School is a project aimed at improving the financial literacy of young people in Khmelnytsky Oblast, which will contribute to the economic strengthening of the region and the country as a whole.

  • Mom Bakes” is a project to open a mini-bakery at the Dobra Mama House for Mothers and Children to support mothers with children. This is the first such social project in the Teofipol community.
  • Delicious with Hope!” is a project aimed at training, uniting and supporting vulnerable populations in the processing, storage and sale of agricultural products. The project produces dry borscht, fruit mixes, and energy bars for the military, involving local people and IDP families in the production process.

The event was also attended by social entrepreneurs who had previously been studying at the Platform for Social Change:

  • Liudmyla Dinnik, founder of the project “Solutions Center for NGOs and IDPs”
  • Olga Lekova, founder of Recast Plastic
  • Liudmyla Hryshko, founder of the Zoloti Roky project
  • Kateryna Korniychuk, founder of the child development studio “Vpenveniy Krok”
  • Yulia Semeniuk, founder of ONE ELEVEN School
  • Kateryna Skrylnyk, founder of the Syrovarnia Bez Obmezhen project
  • Victoria Denyshchenko, founder of the Parasolka brand

They shared their experience and talked about the challenges and victories on the way to implementing a successful social business.

The successes of the School of Social Entrepreneurship participants have shown that social initiatives can be a powerful tool for overcoming social problems and economic growth. Such initiatives provide communities with new opportunities for development, job creation, and improvement of the quality of life. Supporting and developing social entrepreneurship is becoming a key element in strengthening civil society and increasing the social responsibility of business in the region.

We thank all participants and partners for your contribution and support!