Each of us wants to imagine a world where non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) are not only agents of change, but also innovators in social innovation and sustainable development. The Platform for Social Change makes this vision a reality through the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Through a combination of educational initiatives, mentoring, and grant programs, we help organizations create profound change in their communities.

Social entrepreneurship is revolutionizing the way civil society functions in Ukraine. It offers a sustainable model in which NGOs and CSOs move from dependence on external funding to generating their own independent income through entrepreneurial activities. This shift is crucial for their long-term development and effectiveness in addressing social problems.

Here’s how the Platform for Social Change makes helps leaders of Ukrainian organizations build social entrepreneurship.

Rooting the Social Mission

Our cooperation with CSOs usually starts with defining a social mission aimed at solving local problems. For example, due to the full-scale invasion, the level of internally displaced persons in some communities has significantly increased. Thus, local residents or IDPs create social enterprises operating in various fields (agriculture, education, HoReCa). This increases the number of jobs, creates new opportunities for IDPs, and facilitates integration into the community.

Achieving Financial Sustainability

Profit is not a taboo in the world of social entrepreneurship. In fact, it is a means for autonomy and impact expansion. We teach how to generate income that supports our students’ projects. This financial independence is transformative, allowing us to make long-term plans and innovate without constantly seeking external funding.

Community Development

The journey of a social entrepreneur can be challenging, but no one should go it alone. The active community of our platform offers a space for sharing experiences, challenges, and victories. This collective wisdom is a powerful catalyst for growth and sustainability.

Social entrepreneurship is not just a trend. It is a reliable tool for development that maximizes social impact and ensures sustainability. The Social Change Platform team is committed to developing these transformational opportunities in the Ukrainian public sector.

Whether you represent a civil society organization, charitable foundation, or social service provider, we invite you to join us in the movement towards sustainable social change.

Together we will build a future where every social initiative has the opportunity for sustainable development.