Platform for Social Change – is a social entrepreneurship development environment where we combined education, investment and mentoring for social entrepreneurs.

Global changes begin with local initiatives, so we help social entrepreneurs find socially useful ideas and implement them in sustainable and steadily growing projects.

We provide the basis for development, and you change the world.


We founded the Ukrainian Social
which was initially a training
project for representatives
of Civil Society Organisations.


We involved the first million of investments
from European partners for social entrepreneurship
development in Ukraine


More than 35,000 participants received quality education
and acquired the necessary skills to develop their initiatives,
and 450 Ukrainian Civil Society Organisations increased
their institutional capacity through cooperation with us.


In the first 7 years of our activity, we invested USD 8 million
in various development programmes. In addition, 350
social enterprises
were created through
our educational and mentoring programmes.


Due to the cooperation with us, Ukrainian Civil Society
Organisations have managed qualitatively
improve the lives of 1.6 million people in various fields.
And we are not going to stop on this path!

Turn social entrepreneurship into a platform
for developing local initiatives to drive global change.
Be a development centre of social entrepreneurship
for small communities in Ukraine.
Systematic approach
We constantly develop our own products and approach the development of social entrepreneurs in a comprehensive manner
Sustainability development
We create an educational and investment platform for social enterprises so that they become the basis for the development of small communities
At every step of the way, we help course participants to effectively implement their knowledge and investments and always stay in touch