Youth with disabilities in Ukraine often face difficulties in entering the labor market due to stigmatization and insufficient adaptation of jobs. This leads to high unemployment among this population and reduces their chances for a fulfilling life.

The program focuses on expanding professional opportunities and social support, raising social awareness, and improving inclusion policies. The program runs from 2019 to 2022.

Program objectives:

  • Strengthening the individual ability to work and professional independence of young people with disabilities.
  • Raising public awareness to improve the social and economic integration of people with disabilities.
  • Encouraging the development of social entrepreneurship among people with disabilities.

The program consists of the following components:

  • Online training program. Development and implementation of courses on the Sitplatform platform aimed at teaching self-employment and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program. The program provides business training and mentoring support for the creation of inclusive social enterprises.
  • Grant support program. A call for applications for funding to launch and develop social enterprises aimed at supporting people with disabilities.
  • Ongoing technical support. Providing expert assistance and advice to newly established businesses, promoting their sustainable development.
  • Advocacy campaign and training for professionals. Conducting advocacy campaigns and trainings for social work professionals aimed at increasing the level of cooperation and coordination between government agencies, NGOs and the private sector.