The program seeks to increase the economic self-sufficiency and social impact of NGOs in the region by supporting their transition to social entrepreneurship and the implementation of sustainable business models. The program runs from 2024 to 2025.

The main objectives of the project are:

Increase the financial sustainability and professional competencies of organizations through the creation and support of social enterprises.

Strengthen the ecosystem for the development of social enterprises as an important element of the region’s social economy.

Among the key areas of activity:

Training course on social business for CSOs:

  • Training covers social impact management, business planning, business models, procurement, sales and marketing.
  • Seminars and workshops promote cooperation between NGOs and local businesses.

Mentoring and expert support:

  • Professional consulting and mentoring in the development and implementation of business plans for new social enterprises.

Grant funding:

  • Providing financial support for the launch and development of social enterprises, including through competitive grant programs.

Mentoring program PORADA:

  • Systematic support and consulting for the sustainable development of civil society organisations.

Online training program:

  • Online courses and webinars on the educational online platform Siplatform, which focus on the development of competencies of civil society organisations.

Research on the state of social entrepreneurship:

  • Analysis of attitudes and behavioral barriers of the population and local authorities that constrain the development of social entrepreneurship.

Development of information and promotional materials:

  • Production and distribution of materials to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and its benefits for the region.