Young people in Ukraine often face challenges in finding their first job, lacking access to important information resources and the necessary job skills. The situation is complicated by demographic migration and economic difficulties, which exacerbate problems in the labor market.

The program aims to create conditions for social activation and economic growth of disadvantaged youth by supporting the development of youth social enterprises that play a key role in social innovation and economic revival. The program runs from 2017 to 2021.

The objectives of the program are: 

  1. Improving employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth.
  2. Promoting youth social entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged youth through educational programs and mentoring.
  3. Strengthening the ecosystem to promote the development of social enterprises as a key element of the social economy and social innovation.окращення можливостей для працевлаштування для неблагополучної молоді. 

The program consists of the following components:

  • Online educational program. This component includes a series of online courses and webinars on the Siplatform platform aimed at improving the professional skills of young people to prepare them for starting their own businesses.
  • Social entrepreneurship acceleration program. Providing training and mentoring support for the creation and management of youth social enterprises, with a special focus on solving local social problems.
  • Grant support program. Calls for proposals to provide financial support to newly established social enterprises, promoting their development and sustainability.
  • Technical support and expertise. After-program services to ensure long-term support and development of enterprises.
  • Information and promotional materials. Development of materials that raise awareness and understanding of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine.
  • Methodological workshops. Organizing events for communities that help develop the potential for social entrepreneurship and promote socio-economic change.