Weaknesses in the system of social services at the local level, including the lack of effective mechanisms for identifying and responding to the needs of citizens, result in limited access to necessary assistance. Lack of coordination between organizations leads to a gap in service delivery and unsatisfactory response to residents’ needs.

The initiative aims to modernize approaches to social services focused on the specific needs of rural residents by improving interaction between all social sector stakeholders. The program runs from 2021 to 2023.

Program objectives:

  1. Improved capacity of rural communities to plan and evaluate social services based on real needs.
  2. Increased qualification and management skills among social service professionals.
  3. Development of local initiatives that are supported and facilitated through public participation and cost-effective methodologies.
  4. Advocacy at the national and regional levels to attract attention and resources to improve social services. 

The program consists of the following components:

  • Training programs for social workers. Mentoring and training in social project management and service delivery, with a special focus on innovation and professionalism in the field.
  • Acceleration program for youth. Launching initiatives that provide training and create social enterprises that address local social needs.
  • Grant program. Financial support for projects aimed at innovations in the provision of social services.
  • PORADA Program. Providing organizational development and support for existing NGOs working in the field of social services.
  • Online education. Developing and conducting webinars and courses to improve the skills of social service providers.
  • Advocacy campaign. Information campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of expanding and improving social services.
  • Educational resources. Development of an “The Empowerment Guide” aimed at effective involvement of end users in the process of service delivery to improve the quality and accessibility of social services in Ukraine.