Veterans in Ukraine often face difficulties in finding work and adapting to civilian life due to stigma and limited access to employment resources, which exacerbates their social isolation and financial difficulties.

The Entrepreneurship Program for ATO/JFO Veterans was created to help participants overcome fear and uncertainty about starting their own business and take a step towards new opportunities in civilian life. The war veterans will get opportunities for self-realization and meeting their economic needs. The program run from 2018 to 2019. It included more than 70 veterans and their families.

Program objectives:

  • Provide training and development of entrepreneurial skills among veterans.
  • Supporting the development of new social enterprises, particularly in rural areas.
  • Providing ongoing support and expertise to newly established enterprises.

Program components:

1. Acceleration program for social entrepreneurship:

  • Training modules. Covers organizational management, business modeling, marketing, business administration, financial management, human resources management, and legal aspects of starting a business.
  • Practical experience. Each module includes practical tasks for real-world application of the knowledge gained, with a final presentation of the project by the participants.

2. Grant support program:

  • Project funding. A grant competition to finance initiatives aimed at creating and supporting social enterprises that meet the needs of rural areas.

3. Ongoing technical support and expertise:

  • After-program support. Assistance in business development after completion of the educational program, including mentoring and access to professional consultations.

4. Advocacy campaign and information support:

  • Dissemination of information. Preparation and publication of materials aimed at overcoming stigmas and highlighting veterans’ success stories, contributing to positive changes in the perception of veterans in society.